Two Men Arrested after Theft of Building Materials

Two Men Arrested after Theft of Building Materials

It became known that on Monday the Police arrested two men who stole tools and building materials worth $15,000 from a south Winnipeg construction site.

A security company called to the Police at about 5.10 in the morning and informed that two suspicious men were notices coming to the site in the 800 block of Sterling Lyon Parkway.

When Winnipeg Police arrived, they saw the car of the suspects running away from the crime scene. When the car was stopped and the suspects got out of it, the police saw all the stolen building tools inside. However, the men tried to explain the situation telling that they took all building materials to work.

The police extracted all the stolen items and arrested the men. According to official data, men’s names are Ryan Jerry Joseph Danis, 37, and Rickie Allen Brown, 31. They both are charged and they are waiting for the execution of the verdict.