'It's not a crisis': Liberal ministers work on the migrant problem

'It's not a crisis': Liberal ministers work on the migrant problem

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair spoke about the current situation and answered questions. According to the ministers, Canada has an operational strategy aimed at reducing the flow of illegal migrants.

In recent months, the situation has improved significantly. Ralph Goodale said that the current problem is controlled and does not grow into a crisis format. Conservatives accused the government of being unable to effectively solve the problem. Hearings were often interrupted by some people, and ministers could not always answer the questions raised because of the noise in the hall. Ralph Goodale said that the problem is at the decision stage. The new US migration policy also affects Canada. The influx of refugees has increased significantly, but the overall situation is under control. 

Bill Blair was also criticized. The Minister asserts that he deals with the situation with migrants at the interdepartmental level. Blair oversaw a number of migration procedures and states that the whole process is as seamless and efficient as possible. The influx of refugees creates an extraordinary burden on large cities like Montreal and Toronto. Refugees, students in universities can be deprived of the opportunity to live in hostels. The minister said that such people will be settled in hotels until the situation is resolved. Michelle Rempel criticized the government because of the excessive burden on the budget of cities. According to her, an extraordinary influx of migrants has an extremely negative impact on the country's economy.

IRCC shows the RCMP intercepted 10,744 people at irregular border crossings between January and the end of June this year. The number of immigrants increases with each month. Because the United States has changed its immigration policy, many people around the world have turned their eyes to Canada. According to many activists, the country is simply not ready to accept such a large number of people. Canada's budget is not designed for a huge number of refugees. Provision of territory and payment of benefits with may have a negative impact on the current economic situation and the overall welfare of the country. This situation is extremely depressing and requires an immediate response.

The situation with immigrants is complicated by the inability of civil servants to handle such a number of appeals. According to recent social polls, the public opinion was divided. Many people argue that the whole procedure should take place in a legal manner. A part of the respondents negatively spoke about the wave of immigrants, motivating their opinion with growing street crime. According to the statements of liberal ministers, the situation with migrants will be settled in the near future. 

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