Steve Vogelsang charged in bank robberies

Steve Vogelsang charged in bank robberies

According to the prosecution, there are a number of witnesses and video recordings of the incident.

Steve Vogelsang fully acknowledged his guilt in a series of 6 rambling robberies. The judge ordered the 54-year-old offender to pay $800 of fines. The accused was not personally present at the trial. He was interrogated by video.

Moreover, in August last year, a man tried to get in touch with a former girl, despite the court's injunction. Vogelsang was detained last year in Saskatoon. This case is postponed until August 23. The defendant's lawyer has not yet commented on the situation. Obviously, the availability of videotapes does not allow building a well-founded defense of the accused. Recognition in the deed did not leave Steve Vogelsang any chance.

After August 23, the court will determine the penalty and the amount of possible fine. Court representatives and Vogelsang’s lawyer have not yet given their comments on what is happening. The situation is actively commented on in social networks.