The best pics of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival

The best pics of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival

The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is an alternative theater festival held every year for twelve days in July in Winnipeg.

This festival is one of the most notable events in the cultural life of Winnipeg in the summer of 2018. The festival shows various genres of theatrical art, such as comedy, drama, experimental productions and also a dance genre.

Fringe is unusual for its basic principles - the participants are not limited in the choice of topics; the participants themselves are chosen not by the decision of the jury, but randomly from among the total number of applicants; and, in addition, the participants receive 100% of the income.

The festival runs from July 18 to July 29. On this weekend Winnipeggers have the last opportunity to visit Fringe this year. The CBC review crew has already shared its opinion on the best participants of the festival, but here are a few more works that you should absolutely see.

Death — A Romantic Comedy. Rob Gee returns with a new show, which connects the stories of love, loss, and alcohol in one masterpiece.

Fallen From the Toy Box. Three talented musicians demonstrate jazz and classical musical works.In their performance, you can enjoy music and elements of tender silliness.

Flute Loops goes. If you are looking for an unusual combination of music and theoretical physics, this is what you need. It is a rock opera about quantum physics, where anything can happen.

Fool Muun Kumming! It is a highlight of the festival according to the numerous reviewers. It is worth seeing.

Lip Service. This is a festival of female sexuality with Natalie Tin Yin Gan and Ashley Whitehead in the lead roles.

There Ain't No More! You can appreciate a beautiful poetic script of this work.