Candidate race for Transcona seat

Candidate race for Transcona seat

Coun. Russ Wyatt was charged with sexual assault, so his current political career could end at any time.

Other candidates have already registered and actively promote their social ideas. Steven Lipischak, one of the candidates, claims that most residents care about the current quality of urban services. In the case of an election, the candidate is going to create a collective discussion on future changes. According to Lipischak, public discussion will help to reach a consensus and decide on a further vector of development. Lawyer Chad Panting, another candidate, argues that rapid transit is extremely important for Transcona. Panting promises to actively tackle this problem and create the best solution for the current situation.

Another contender, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority quality officer Basil Evan, argues that the problem of snow removal is very relevant for many residents. According to Evan, municipal services need to be restructured and staffed with new equipment. Thanks to such measures, the cleaning of the streets from snow will be much quicker.

Wally Welechenko, the fourth candidate, announced his desire to increase the number of educational programs for young people. The candidate also stated that he intends to discuss many issues with voters. Welechenko asserts that promises and actions must coincide. Therefore, he intends to gather communities and discuss current problems and ways to solve them. Each candidate has his own vision of the situation and ways of further development. Recall that the municipal elections in Winnipeg will be held on October 24.

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