A new service for help from postpartum depression starts its work in Manitoba

A new service for help from postpartum depression starts its work in Manitoba

The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba offers a new texting service that can help new mothers cope with postpartum depression. Postpartum depression usually manifests itself with such feelings as loneliness, sadness, and hopelessness.

Tara Brousseau Snider, MDAM executive director, says that a lot of new mothers in Winnipeg have similar symptoms because they feel themselves closed at their homes after giving birth to their children. This became a real problem.

So, the idea of creating a texting service for ladies suffering from postpartum depression appeared. New mothers will be more likely to send a text than to make a call. This is more convenient, quicker and they do not have to leave the house for getting help.

At moments of depression, in addition to sadness and isolation from the world, women often feel unreliability and lack of attachment to the child. It happens very often that women are afraid to express their thoughts aloud because everyone is sure that this is the happiest moment in the life of any woman.

In addition to fatigue and sadness, the hormonal background also affects the mental condition of the woman. The decision to take significant measures was taken after an accident that occurred in 2013 with Lisa Gibson: she took the lives of her two children and then killed herself.

After that sad story, Shoppers Drug Mart decide to finance all programs for women with postpartum depression that MDAM creates. These programs include a new text service, a program to improve the health of women, and also a campaign to raise women’s awareness.

This text service will work not only for mothers but for all family members, relatives, as well as friends that can use it and send a message at any moment they want. The coordinators of the service will be able to determine the severity of the problem and to give an appropriate answer.

Tara Brousseau Snider believes that the most important thing is to provide all the necessary information, support, and assistance to women from the very birth of the child. Thus it will be possible to prevent the development of depression symptoms in the future. At the moment, The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba does everything possible to help all women in Manitoba.