Mission Canada helps teens and adults to gain faith

Mission Canada helps teens and adults to gain faith

Mission Canada is an organization that travels with missions throughout the country. This company travels with its missions also to other countries, but now it is the time when it is necessary to pay more attention to its native country.

Winnipeg college and university campuses are the areas without churches, so Mission Canada works to create Christian communities there. All volunteers will be encouraged very well.The statistics are disappointing: four out of five people lose their faith after they start their studies.

Also, Mission Canada works with teenagers and young families that are at risk. Anna Morgante is a children and youth worker of this organization and she travels to schools and colleges in Canada to provide food, support, entertainment and all means to study.

According to Anna’s words, the news of Winnipeg is depressing, more and more problematic adolescents appear in the city: the level of crime involving young people is really high, the economic crisis and poverty affect this quite well. These problems should be solved first of all.

Ministry of Canada encourages the work of Mission Canada and accompanies those who have faith in the heart and extends a helping hand to those who need to find it, especially in those areas that are far from the church.

Lance Neubauer, a campus worker with the organization Mission Canada, was not a Christian in his youth. He grew up like his peers using alcohol and drugs. However, one moment turned everything upside down in his life.  Since then he has gained faith and travels to many cities helping people.

Morgante and Neubauer want to create long-term relationships with people, showing that faith can overcome all sorts of difficulties by their own experience.