A bear stole lunch from an Israeli family in Whiteshell Provincial Park

A bear stole lunch from an Israeli family in Whiteshell Provincial Park

The incident happened on July 15. An Israeli family, consisting of 5 people, went to Whiteshell Provincial Park for one day. The family lives in Canada for 3 years, but soon they are going to return to the Middle East, respectively, they decided to see and remember the maximum about Canada in the last weeks of their life here.

Michal Schaap Fogler, her husband Ohad and their three children (Nurit, 11, Lilach, 9 and Ofer, 4) decided to paddle through the Caddy Lake rock tunnels. When they passed through the tunnels, Michal offered to take a break and to have lunch.

When the children were eating their favorite spaghetti, Schaap Fogler saw a bear right behind one of the girls. The bear was approaching very quietly and calmly and was already almost a meter away from the child.

Michal asked children not to panic, to stand up and slowly go away. However, the girl turned around, saw the bear and loudly cried directly into its face. After that, all the family started to run very quickly to the shore.

Ohad brought the boat close to the shore very fast and all his family got into it. Other people began to shout at the bear, it first left, but then returned and ate spaghetti. All the people around the Israeli family were very worried about the little Israeli children. However, the children were safe and sound, they were only a little scared.

Michal decided not to inform the park's staff about the incident, so there was nothing supernatural for the inhabitants of Canada.She and her husband were very worried that this situation could leave an imprint on their daughter's life, but the girl told her parents that after the incident she was firmly convinced that she wanted to become a veterinarian and to save all the animals.

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