American frisbee team plays at Winnipeg championships in memory of the teammate

American frisbee team plays at Winnipeg championships in memory of the teammate

The team will dedicate their speech to the teammate, who died after a long battle with cancer. For each member of the team - it was a personal loss, so the team wants to devote their game to the former team-mate. The team was so fond of their team-mate that they created a symbolic puppet which is on the sideline and acts as the seventh player.

According to Lucas Murphy, this player was part of the team and one big family. After his departure in the best world, the team’s hearts are broken. That's why 6 men will fight in this championship in memory of the deceased comrade. A total of 72 teams from 13 different countries take part in the tournament.

Representatives of Winnipeg also compete with the rest. The tournament will be held from July 29 to August 4 in Little Mountain Sportsplex. According to Manitoba of Disc Sports, Ultimate frisbee is gaining popularity all over the world and is now an active sport in more than 100 countries. The total number of players involved at the national level is 5,000. According to Lucas Murphy, their paramount task is to win. However, the pleasure from the game and Team spirit is one of the key features of this team.

Frisbee is a team game that is impossible without close cooperation and interaction on the field. Each player is a cog in a single mechanism. According to the statistics of preliminary ticket sales, the event will be visited by a record number of people. Frisbee is a very exciting game that is interesting for its unusual mechanics and gameplay.