Pakistani military scandal: Imran Khan’s possible falsifications

Pakistani military scandal: Imran Khan’s possible falsifications

The election race in Pakistan was won by Imran Khan. According to Khawaja Asif, the military corrected the voting process.

During the counting of ballots, many facts of falsification were revealed. The politician called this unprecedented impudence on the part of the military structures and the general law enforcement agency. Public unrest forced the current prime minister to initiate an investigation procedure. 

The scandal is gaining momentum. All political parties have united to find out the current situation with falsifications and vote rigging. The Supreme Court will review the current case While the prosecutor's office collects facts of fraud and dishonest campaigning. It will also involve a full audit of the security forces and their possible involvement in the incident. According to the preliminary report PTI received 16.86 million votes. PML-N received almost 13 million votes. 

At the moment, the current ruling party is negotiating with various independent politicians and parties to create a common coalition. According to the highest military leadership, this statement is nothing more than a provocation and an attempt to discredit power structures.