Jenny Motkaluk wants to close bus rapid transit

Jenny Motkaluk wants to close bus rapid transit

Jenny Motkaluk, a Mayoral candidate, is sure that there is a great way to change Winnipeg Transit for the better and to improve its work and service. This is the closing of bus rapid transit.

The candidate believes that the best way to make changes for the better is to correct past mistakes. In her opinion, Winnipeg can expect these changes and will surely get the best service and more empty BRT stations. Two options are not affordable for the city.

On Friday Motkaluk said that the construction of BRT will be stopped if she becomes the mayor in the autumn.

There are works to connect downtown and the University of Manitoba on the southwest transitway. The candidate also added that all bus rapid transit work will be frozen before the completion of the contract.

At the current moment, the city is negotiating with the province on receiving the funds that were promised by the previous government.

Motkaluk said that he will show a plan for improvement of Winnipeg Transit in her pre-election campaign and she will make every effort to implement it. However, BRT is not the way according to her words. 

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