Portage and Main reopening: the 'yes' campaign starts

Portage and Main reopening: the 'yes' campaign starts

This event is held despite the fact that the council approved a plebiscite. The local authorities set a goal for sending a part of the people through a special tunnel.

Mayor Brian Bowman promised to open pedestrian crossings in 2014. At this moment he did not emphasize his activity in this matter. Brent Bellamy believes that the opening of the street for pedestrians will relieve traffic. In addition, this initiative will serve as an impetus to the development of the business. A greater flow of people will bring greater purchasing power. At the moment there is no clear understanding of how much money is needed for Portage and Main plebiscite.

The main event is the joining of many people to the members of the yes side. The opinion of citizens is divided equally into this issue. Some consider the opening of the street a very necessary step, which will improve both urban traffic and local business development. Other people believe that the opening of the street will bring more negative factors. Anyway, a group of motivators actively argues the opinion of the opening.

According to Brent Bellamy, the measure addresses various issues. Bellamy is only focused on one thing. The question with the street must be resolved. This initiative is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. A group of supporters of this decision actively propagates their choice. Thus, more and more people can hear an alternative point of view and decide their opinion definitively. This decision was approved by the city council; therefore in the near future, one should expect dramatic changes. Many predict a positive outcome of the enterprise.

In the long term, the opening of Portage and Main will change many aspects of the city. The yes side includes Ryan Palmquist, Matt Allard, Adam Dooley, Matt Allard and Adam Dooley. The team intends to popularize this decision and inform the maximum of people about the future benefits of the project. The main referendum question is added to the municipal election ballot on Oct. 24.