Operation Dry Water: Manitoba police making life-saving activities

Operation Dry Water: Manitoba police making life-saving activities

About 64% of deaths are due to boating. The sad statistics of death from an alcoholic overdose on the water is significant enough that it becomes a national problem.

Boaters in a state of intoxication cannot control their actions and can easily drown and harm other passengers and a floating vessel. It is the responsibility of the police to explain to civilians the need to adhere to safety and comply with various rules. Most reflexes are inhibited at this moment. Given that the vessels expand under the influence of alcohol, the risk of seizures throughout the body is very large. In this case, a person cannot practically move. 

Sgt. Bob Chabot of the Manitoba RCMP stated that RCMP will be on the water to help people. The police promise to create more patrols that will explore the neighborhood to identify people on the water in a state of intoxication. According to the city authorities, this will reduce the percentage of accidents and simplify the adoption of new structural changes in the area. The police promise to control the water area to prevent undesirable incidents. 

All the police were instructed about the behavior on the water in order to explain this information to all users. Statistics show that more than 40% of deaths throughout the country are associated with alcohol drinking on the water. This is a sad statistic that needs to be eradicated.