The Belgian club dismissed the treasurer of the club after the meeting of the Canadian Nationalist Party

The Belgian club dismissed the treasurer of the club after the meeting of the Canadian Nationalist Party

Winnipeg cultural club shared its news: one of the members resigns after a meeting on the weekend. This is Winnipeg’s Belgian club board member- the treasurer.

After the Canadian Nationalist Party, the Belgian club made a post on Facebook saying that their junior member did not realize what the party represents.

On the Canadian Nationalist Party’s website, their political program is shown: this party is against immigration, deporting asylum seekers and banning burqas. However, this party is not official and it is not on the list of political parties on the Elections Canada website.

The Party organized a meeting on the weekend, their leader Travis Patron also took part in it. On Saturday afternoon local activists made a protest and some of them entered the meeting. A heated discussion arose at the meeting.

The treasurer of the Belgian club sharing her personal opinion was filmed on a video. She told that a person can not find a good job if he does not belong to the visible minority.  After the statement, the woman was asked to resign because her opinion does not coincide with the values of the club.

One of the club members made a statement and said that the parents and grandparents of those people who are members in the Belgian club all their lives struggled for democracy and equality within their own country and beyond it.

However, according to Omar Kinnarath, an organizer with Fascist Free Treaty 1, this is not enough to solve all the internal problems to make the Canadian Nationalist Party become a platform at the club in the first place.

The party's statement says that they consider Saturday's event a success and that they are not supporters of extremism or racist and they just want to change the situation because the Canadian government only prioritizes the interests of native-born citizens.

A human rights activist, Brielle Beardy-Linklater said that it is very important to stand against all parties similar to The Canadian Nationalist Partysince they can cause great harm to all the inhabitants of Canada.