A man arrested after seizing illegal cigarettes

A man arrested after seizing illegal cigarettes, Iryna Chyrkova

In Manitoba, more than 100 000 illegal cigarettes were seized by local special investigations services. The accident happened on July 24, after a 67-year-old Winnipeg man was arrested by the Police. Government investigators found about 112 000 contraband cigarettes at his place.

Manitoba Finance’s Taxation Special Investigations Unit members also reported that the man had 94 grams of marijuana and $2,483.15 in cash at the moment of his arrest.

The man named Gram Thomson is waiting for a lot of charges according to the province law. In case all the charges are brought against him, Thomson will have a fine of about $100,000, and will be sent to the jail for an undefined period.

illegalcigarettes arrestedbythePolice ManitobaFinance’sTaxationSpecialInvestigationsUnit
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