Selfies at sunflower fields become incredibly popular

Selfies at sunflower fields become incredibly popular

A sunflower field on Mollard Road on the outskirts of the city is very beautiful and attracts a lot of people every day. People come here not only to look at all the beauty of this place but also to take stunning selfies.

The second reason also made Tannis Legary arrive at sunflower fields. However, she was not the only person that decided to take sunflower selfies. On Monday a huge number of people came there for this purpose.

Bruce Stewart, the landowner,said that on Sunday more than 40 cars arrived at the field to take photos. He is extremely concerned because such a number of people really harm the crop. Stewarttold that he saw a trailer cutting the heads off.

This problem is relevant not only for this sunflower field, people are taking selfies at fields around the whole province.  Keystone Agricultural Producers General Manager James Battershill thinks that people have lost their connection to the primary producer.

He understands their desire to stop and to take selfies but he also wants people to respect the work of others and private property.

Stewart, in turn, said that he would not go into somebody’s yard to take selfies with the flowers. A call with the request for permission to take photos would already be a good idea in the opinion of the landowner.