Keystone XL pipeline will not affect Nebraska nature

Keystone XL pipeline will not affect Nebraska nature

The administration of the US President Donald Trump conducted an environmental study, according to which a new Keystone XL pipeline through Nebraska will not affect water, land, and nature of the state in any way.

This report was issued on Monday. A pipeline developer TransCanada faces a lot of difficulties because ecologists, indigenous peoples and an organized minority of landowners in the state decided to thwart construction by resorting to the Nebraska Supreme Court.

Art Tanderup, a farmer in Neligh, Neb., was not surprised seeing the report. In his opinion, the company does not take care of the local people and just does its business. He said that in this state the level of groundwater is quite high and it is impossible to drill a well without touching the water.

As soon as the chemicals enter the water, it will not be possible to stop the process of pollution. According to experts, nature can be restored only 5 years after the end of the construction.

This pipeline will carry up to 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day and according to new studies aquifers will not be affected.

Originally the decision to build this pipeline was rejected by the administration of the previous US President Obama, but the new government abolished Obama’s decision and allowed to begin construction of the pipeline in the spring of 2017.

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