New Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival Box Office Record

New Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival Box Office Record

The indoor ticketed attendance totaled $103,251 with 245 sold-out performances and $890,624 in box office revenue. This result is better than last year's 1.75%.

According to the festival producer Chuck McEwen, this fact contributed to the good weather. Sunny days and optimal temperatures have become excellent assistants to the Winnipeg Fringe Theater Festival. In total, the festival was visited by 75,000-80,000 people.

The festival was attended by 178 companies with 1,516 total indoor performances. Chuck McEwen notes the excellent Fringers support. This event was a great success for the local population and many tourists. Presentations have become a breath of fresh air for many citizens. The cultural program covered many thematic and age groups. Each visitor could find for himself the most interesting idea.

This year, the festival has become the most successful box office event. Many companies and actors were able to prove themselves on the best side. According to recent polls, residents are eagerly waiting for the next summer to see new performances.