Manitoba Police Gun Amnesty Program: 700 Firearms Surrenders

Manitoba Police Gun Amnesty Program: 700 Firearms Surrenders

The Manitoba Police Chief Association conducted a Gun Amnesty Program in order to collect all unregistered weapons from citizens. The amnesty program granted every resident of Manitoba to hand over illegal weapons without consequences if she or he did not participate in any offense or criminal matter.

Thanks to successful police actions, 22,000 cartridges of 700 pieces of firearms were collected as well as explosives and cannonball. Residents of Manitoba actively responded to the program amnesty. According to RCMP Commanding Officer and Assistant Commissioner Scott Kolody, many residents quickly handed over all unregistered weapons and other illegal explosives.

This action will protect many people and dispose of most firearms and ammunition. Thus, the police will be able to monitor the illegal sale of firearms and explosives. For the disposal of most weapons and ammunition, a closed polygon will be used to disrupt and deactivate the entire active set of explosives.

The police have done a great job which will make it possible to secure the public and control the current turnover of weapons.

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