Residents of Victoria Beach can drink their tap water again

Residents of Victoria Beach can drink their tap water again

A new study of water samples showed no coliform bacteria in it. A warning on water infection was made on Friday after a too low level of chlorine was found in drinking water. Also, there is a probability of the presence of coliform bacteria there.

On Tuesday evening Manitoba Sustainable Development and the province's chief medical officer of health made a statement about the abolition of the ban on drinking water. He said that a new water test showed that all elements are within the norm and that the residents of Victoria Beach can consume drinking water without fear for their health.

The province made the assumption that excessively low levels of chlorine in tap water could be caused by an unauthorized chemical in the water supply system. However, all requests for repeated water tests or clarification of the situation were rejected.

On Tuesday media made a statement that water contamination had been most likely identified before protective measures were taken for people. 

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