Folklorama 2018 starts soon with the official proclamation

Folklorama 2018 starts soon with the official proclamation

Every year Winnipeg becomes the centre of cultural celebrations and fashionable proclamations. More than 40 cultural communities or 20,000 Volunteers take part in an event attended by more than half a million visitors each year. According to the Mayor of Brian Bowman, external attendance rates can become a record for all 49 years of the Folklorama celebration.

This event is a source of pride for all cultural figures. The festival is very popular with young people, who are an active part of the festival's visitors. According to many residents of Winnipeg, this event is a cultural message for young people and the moment of unity of many nationalities and cultural communities.

Many people come in the traditional clothes of their ancestors and demonstrate themselves at the huge festival. In the opinion of users, it is a perfect way of communication and interaction with each other. This festival is an inalienable attribute of the unity of cultural values and modern trends.

The authorities reported a record turnout of 500,000 people in 2017. According to recent polls, 2018 will be a record year as the trend points to the future attendance of more than 600,000 people. For many young people in Canada - this is an excellent opportunity to join the cultural and national unity and appear in front of the public in beautiful national clothes .

Many visitors of past festivals admit that the main motive for attending such an event is the variety of stylistic features of costumes and interesting cultural differences of each nationality. This event unites the multinational community in Winnipeg stronger than sports events.

Folklorama 2018 starts soon and it will be a great festival for everyone who wants to show their identity.