3,000 WestJet employees become members of CUPE

3,000 WestJet employees become members of CUPE

Canadian Union of Public Employees provides a lot of services to employees around the country. For example, health care services, emergency services, education, child care, and other social services. Now, 3,000 flight attendants at WestJet are ready to become official members of CUPE.

The Canada Industrial Relations Board made a statement about this event on Tuesday afternoon.  The Canadian Union of Public Employees sent thousands of letters by e-mail to flight attendants with congratulatory words.These changes are a great step towards a better future for all WestJet employees.

At the current moment, CUPE begins preparations for work on the construction of the local population and the conclusion of the first collective agreement.

WestJet made an official statement and told that they need to provide all necessary information on the positions they want to exclude from the bargaining unit in the nearest future. Ed Sims, WestJet president and CEO, also declared that despite all the disappointments, the company respects the desire of its workers.

WestJet is going to build effective work with CUPEaimed at the interests of employees and the company as a whole.

According to CUPE’s official statement, the interim order is necessary to find out who is on the list of union members and who is not. This interim order concerns only flight attendants from WestJet and does not concern Encore or Swoop employees.

We want to recall that recently WestJet company posted data on large losses in connection with high fuel prices, disputes with pilots, and high competitiveness. 

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