Two women were arrested in Flin Flon area for racist posts on Facebook

Two women were arrested in Flin Flon area for racist posts on Facebook

As a result of racist statements, two women were detained in the direction of the indigenous people. One of the suspects is born in the FlinFlon area, and the other one is from the community of Saskatchewan.

According to the prehistory, one of the women began to write angry comments on Facebook about people who damaged her car. The woman believed that the act of vandalism was produced by someone from the local indigenous population. The woman wrote angry statements on Facebook with calls to destroy the Indians and conduct ethnic cleansing.

This comment was supported by another girl from the Saskatchewan province. Criminal cases were opened because of these statements on the incitement of interethnic hatred and public expression of threats.

Many users reacted negatively to this statement. Most people agreed with the opinion that such behavior is not permissible in a civilized society. Many Facebook users have noticed that blaming someone on a national basis is at least unethical. One user noted that the woman cannot know for sure who subjected her car to an act of vandalism.

At the moment, both girls accused of racist statements are in the police station. On the fact of the published Russian applications criminal case is raised. According to Sgt. Paul Manaigre, these statements are unacceptable in a civilized society. Many people subjectively offend the indigenous population without any reasons or evidence. This behaviour must be completely eradicated.

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