Mail thief from Manitoba worked as a paramedic

Mail thief from Manitoba worked as a paramedic

Ryan Fortescue, 44, was charged in more than 200 complaints about mail being stolen from mailboxes in Springfield, East St. Paul and Selkirk. The man was working for the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority.

The offender stole accounts, bank details and cashed checks. The man covered his activities with emergency medical care. The police department received more than 200 complaints of the same nature. Since the man often appeared in this area, the police decided to check him first. Ryan Fortescue did not inform his employers about the lawsuit. According to the law, he has the right not to disclose this information.

At the moment the man is on unpaid leave. In addition to these offenses, the man is accused of cheating Manitoba Employment Income Assistance and forgery of bank checks. Manitoba RCMP took measures to detain the offender. The operation was successfully completed. During the search, the fake bank checks were seized from the suspect. The man did not admit his guilt.

Ryan Fortescue has many drives to the police and a long criminal history. A series of mail embezzlement crimes was very tempting for Fortescue, so he decided to combine it with his current work as a paramedic. For a very long time resident could not understand who steals their personal mail and banking information. According to the prosecution, the offender can be sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.