Anyone who wants to visit Folklorama can buy tickets online

Anyone who wants to visit Folklorama can buy tickets online

The 49th annual Canada's Best Summer festival Folklorama will open its doors to residents and guests of Winnipeg this weekend. Everyone who plans to visit this festival has the opportunity to buy tickets online in advance.

At the festival there will be 44 pavilions and tickets can be purchased for specific pavilions, dates and times of performance. Teresa Cotroneo, acting executive director of Folklorama, reported that she recommends people buying tickets beforehand in order to make their festival more convenient.

People who buy tickets online will not stand in long queues on a hot summer day, they will be able to take advantage of the privileges and facilitate the process of getting to the festival.

For the first time, Folklorama practiced the sale of tickets online last year and both the organization and the guests of the festival saw a lot of benefits from new opportunities.

Cathy Cox, Culture and Heritage Minister, made an official statement and proclaimed August 5-18 to be Folklorama Weeks.  

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