The Magnificent Seven puppies rescued from Manitoba island

The Magnificent Seven puppies rescued from Manitoba island

On Monday, two people on a boat sailed near an uninhabited island. Seven puppies were founded and rescued there. After that, pups were taken to Norway House Animal Rescue.

According to the people who found the puppies, strange sounds were heard from the island the previous evening. The men heard a muffled whine and barking. First, the boatmen decided that wolves were somehow on the island. The next morning, the men sailed to the island and saw seven beautiful puppies. It is not known how they ended up there.

The animals were very hungry and ate a whole bag of food, which the men had brought . At first, they were frightened of people and behaved cautiously. Fortunately, the care and food have melted their hearts.

Thanks to the efforts of Winnipeg Pet Rescue , all puppies will be adopted. At the moment, all of them are perfectly healthy and in the safe place.

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