Changes in funding for Experimental Lakes: Ottawa's new course

Changes in funding for Experimental Lakes: Ottawa's new course

According to the latest financial reports, Ottawa increased the financing of the comma by issuing a four-year deal for 4 million dollars for long-term economic monitoring of the NW Ontario facility.

According to data received from the deputies of the parliament, the new cash flows of federal funds will replace the previous two-year financing deal. This will allow reducing the annual financial contribution to a number of necessary procedures. Looking at the increase in overall funding, the overall range of serviced facilities will decrease.

According to Vince Palace, a chief scientist at the ELA, the team of employees is simply powerless without a financial database and various samples. Thanks to the new financing system, the projects led by ELA can cover hundreds of small lakes around Crown land. Now scientists have the necessary resources to change the current environmental situation.

Nevertheless, the scientific community negatively concerns the division of the budget into 4.5 million dollars for 2 years. According to Kenora MP Bob Nault, this funding is not enough for the overall coverage of all research technologies. According to Nault, he was communicating with colleagues at Queen's Park. In their opinion, the current government should pay more attention to the scientific project because this is the key feature on which the entire ecosystem of the country depends. According to Nault, this area of science cannot be ignored.

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