Health Canada recognized Ayotai Canada products harmful to the skin

Health Canada recognized Ayotai Canada products harmful to the skin, Iryna Chyrkova

Health Canada seized several skin care treatments made by Ayotai Canada, a Montreal-based company. According to the official data, published on the Health Canada official site, all the creams contain elements that can be rather dangerous for the skin, especially for pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

The warning was posted on the 1st of August after several tests had been carried out.  It was revealed that Ayotai Canada lotions and creams contain medicines that can be bought only by prescription in drugstores.  

In the composition of lotions, several elements that are used to treat inflammatory skin diseases were found.

Health Canada reported that the company that distributed those skin care treatments specializes mostly in making products for people of colour.  Ayotai Canada was asked to recall the lotions that are in the stores because its products had not been evaluated as safe and useful for humans.

The whole list of Ayotai Canada products that were seized by Health Canada can be seen on its official site. 

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