Court ordered the giant of the market Apple to pay US $145.1 million to the Canadian company for patent infringement

The Court hearing was held in San Diego, California, on Wednesday afternoon.The federal jury granted the suit of the Canadian company WiLan Inc and obliged Apple Inc to pay US $145.1 million in compensation.

Nevertheless, the American giant of the digital technology market, Apple is going to file an appeal. In 2013, Apple already won one court against WiLan over the violation of their patent rights worth US $248 million. This time, Apple also rejected all allegations of violation during pre-trial proceedings, but the court's decision was completely different.

WiLan Inc was founded in 1992 in Ottawa and now is a part of Quarterhill Inc. The company is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of equipment for broadband wireless connections. Recently WiLan focused on patenting its technologies. Representatives of the company believe that Apple illegally used patented wireless technology in its devices.

If during the appeal Apple fails to prove its innocence, then it simply will not have any other choice but to pay the amount called by the court.

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