Lake Winnipeg protecting groups will take $3.8M funding

Lake Winnipeg protecting groups will take $3.8M funding, Artem Shahoferov

Canada sends 3.8M to solve the ecological question of Lake Winnipeg. Series of environmental activities for 4 years will allow Winnipeg Lake to become an attractive place once again .

The governmental initiative supported by health organizations and local people will take control of the lake and all the surrounding territory. The stable growth of the province's economy made it possible to allocate a record amount to improve the current level of ecology. Formation of the budget for the next year will be carried out taking into account a new item of expenditure. Now, this item will be a priority in the list of innovations. The main costs will be associated with the purification of water from harmful impurities and elimination of debris at the bottom of the lake. Local production of plastic will also be reduced. This material does not have the best effect on living organisms in the lake. In addition, cleaning of the adjacent territory will attract more tourists. Many social surveys have shown public desire to change the current system with a water source in order to attract the maximum number of holidaymakers. The leadership of the province is aware of the current situation and regularly allocates money tranches to support environmental initiatives. All municipal structures are fully prepared. The society approves the new project. The latest social surveys showed the desire of all people to help with the struggle for purity of the region.

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