Folklorama Live Show: Best Traditional Dance at the Métis Pavilion

Folklorama Live Show: Best Traditional Dance at the Métis Pavilion

Métis pavilion returns an unforgettable and bright show, exciting dance and colorful national costumes. Red River jig dance will become a real decoration for Folklorama. Métis pavilion is presented for the first time in 8 years. This will be a real discovery for many visitors. Asham Stompers will give real charm to the 49th annual Folklorama. According to the statement of Stompers president Arnold Asham, the main task of the dancers is the desire to convey all the features of culture and traditions with the help of Red River Jig.

The dance was created at the turn of the 1800s in order to attract fur traders and conclude profitable deals. The team of dancers gives more than 100 concerts a year. The main goal of each team member is dancing in unison. This creates a unique atmosphere and sets the whole rhythmic pattern. Asham Stompers invites all dance lovers to see the skill and incredibly well-coordinated team of dancers who have something to show. The Métis pavilion runs Aug. 5-11.

Many visitors to Folklorama are looking forward to the exciting performance. The technique of the dancers differs significantly from other bands. Red River Jig is a very outstanding dance, which has many authentic elements. The new Folklorama will be a great place to join the connoisseurs of cultural traditions. The main highlight is that Asham started jigging in 50 years. At the moment he is already 68, but he does not want to stop. Many colleagues note his vital energy and incredible charisma, which manifests itself during the dance. "I like it. Dance is an integral part of my life. When I'm on stage, the most important is what I feel. I am ready to give people positive emotions," he said.

"I also want to show people my age and that it's never too late to do what you love." The main thing is to have the desire to act." The presentation will be held three times a night during the week. This is a great opportunity to learn a new dance and get acquainted with dance techniques. Métis pavilion also offers visitors many dishes. Also, there will be plenty of drinks. Thanks to this, many visitors can enjoy the show without the necessity of finding a cafe. Thus, the festival will become more multifaceted and original. Such events are very much appreciated by many Canadians who take the whole family to Folklorama.

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