Winnipeg Attempted Murder Case: Lockport Shooter Gives Up

Winnipeg Attempted Murder Case: Lockport Shooter Gives Up, Artem Shahoferov

Lockport shooter is under arrest. He is accused of an attempted murder. The victim was a woman, found by the police on Saturday morning. There were bullet wounds in the upper body of the injured.

The crime took place in the area of Andrews Street and Aberdeen Avenue. Having foundthe wounded woman, a police patrol drove her to the hospital. The first medical aid was given to the woman at 2:05 a.m. The wound was so heavy that the woman was in critical condition. The doctors did their best to stabilize the patient's condition. t the moment, nothing threatens the woman’s life.

According to a police report, the suspected man approached the police patrol himself and confessed to the crime. He gave the weapon, from which he shot the victim. At the moment, Donald Michael Kargus is arrested and awaits a court decision.

Winnipeg Lockport Attemptedmurdercase crime
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