Alert system did not warn people living in certain areas about Alonsa tornado

Alert system did not warn people living in certain areas about Alonsa tornado

According to the report made by Manitoba meteorologists at Environment and Climate Change Canada, Alonsa tornado that has done a lot of troubles in the countryside about 200 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg can be classified as a high-EF-3 tornado.

A decision support meteorologist, Amanda Prysizney, recorded damage from a tornado on Saturday. She reported that the affected house was completely removed from its foundation, a 77-year old man died and tractors, trucks and other heavy items damaged a lot.

The work on the determination of tornado intensity will continue, scientists are going to study the house and everything that happened there in details.

Prysizney also said that almost all people whom meteorologists were talking to did not know about Alonsa tornado, because they had not get the alert. In her opinion, Amaranth service is not as reliable as they thought.

Michelle Gazze, a spokesperson for BellMTS, emailed to CTV News and wrote that some areas without proper coverage were identified. She also stated that Wireless Public Alerts can be received if phones are connected to an LTE network. Unfortunately, most of the phones in Alonsa region are connected to HSPA networks.

More information about the alert system can be found on the official website

Official resources informed that Alonsa tornado was about 45 minutes and had the speed about 240 km/hr.  Several people told about what happened to them and to their property. All of them said that they are very lucky to stay alive.