Red canoe was stolen from the playground in St. Boniface

Red canoe was stolen from the playground in St. Boniface

Community stakeholders made huge donations to the Nordale School Nature Playground Project in St. Boniface. The purpose of the playground construction was to create good conditions for small children to play and to learn.

At the moment the construction is in full swing, but one element was stolen from the site. It is a red canoe.

Ray Dubois, the owner of Ron Paul Garden Centre, is concerned about the situation happened on the playground and ask the person who committed that crime to return the canoe. She said that community stakeholders are not interested in his personality, their goal is to return the object to its place.

Ray reported that the thief can quietly bring the stolen canoe either to her store on St. Mary’s Road or return it back to the playground at the school. Each person can make a mistake, and the woman only asks to correct the situation in the name of children.

According to the official data, about $160,000 were donated by a lot of community members. Two mothers of children from that school became the initiators of donations.