Premier Brian Pallister inspected the Alonsa area

Premier Brian Pallister inspected the Alonsa area, Artem Shahoferov

Premier Brian Pallister visited the ruined by tornado territory on Monday. According to the prime minister, the required amount of money to restore infrastructure will be allocated in the near future. The politician also declined the necessity of enlisting the military to clear the rubble. He noted that the municipal services and rescuers are coping with their work.

EF-4 tornado raged for about 45 minutes, managed to damage local houses and caused the death of 77-year-old Jack Furrie. Also, the Prime Minister commented on the lack of telephone communication. According to Pallister, the emergency communication channels will be restored within the next week. The prime minister also stressed on the need to develop additional warning systems for the population. "Development of alternative warning systems can prevent similar problems in future," Pallister said. Pallister also noted that all residents affected by the tornado will receive proper assistance in rebuilding houses. Recall that the tornado fell on Alonsa, Silver Ridge, and Margaret Bruce Beach area. As the result, many houses and part of the infrastructure were destroyed. Total damage is estimated at millions of dollars. Fortunately, most residents managed to escape from the tornado. At the moment, 77-year-old Jack Furrie is the only victim of this weather phenomenon. The Prime Minister promised to develop a clear strategy in case of tornado re-emergence. Recall that Alonsa area suffered the most significant destruction. Clearing the debris and removing the garbage will take at least a month.

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