Folklorama’s Métis Pavilion: Old Friend’s Loss

Folklorama’s Métis Pavilion: Old Friend’s Loss

Folklorama continues to please fans of national colorful dances. This year, Métis pavilion will be the main pearl of the festival. The team returned to this scene after almost 10 years. This is a significant event not only for dancers but for all spectators. According to Asham Stompers, all members of the team are very excited, because they want to show the highest skill for all spectators. Nevertheless, the events that occurred last week, made their own adjustments.

The recent tornado touched Asham's cabin. There were no injuries. Nevertheless, the tornado caused the death of 77-year-old Jack Furrie, Asham's old friend. According to the Métis pavilion dancers, this is a great loss. The dead man was a very close friend of Arnold Asham. Nevertheless, Métis pavilion will continue functioning. According to the dancers, there is no place for everyday emotions on the stage. All experiences and sorrow should be left for later.

The Métis pavilion will be delighting all visitors with incredible dancing and spectacular entertainment until August 11th. The entrance is open to all comers. The festival continues its activities. All interested can visit this event and take their mind off everyday worries and recent weather events. The program will involve many dancers and dance groups. Heather Curling Club is pleased to welcome all residents of the city and tourists.

Recall that Premier Brian Pallister promised to help the affected Alonso residents and eliminate the consequences of the tornado in the coming weeks. The tornado does not affect the Folklorama festival and Métis pavilion.