North End shooter arrested for attempted murder

North End shooter arrested for attempted murder

A police patrol was held near Andrews Street and Aberdeen Avenue. Suddenly, the police saw a woman unconscious, which was lying near the truck.

At the time when the officers rendered first aid to the victim, an unknown man approached them. He dropped the gun between the two cars and decided to surrender. As it turned out later, the man and the woman were familiar. During the verbal skirmish, the man shot a woman and tried to hide from the scene of the crime. Realizing that the police did not leave, Lockport man decided to return to the crime scene and surrender.

At this point in life, the injured woman is not in danger. She is in a stable condition at the clinic. A man is charged with about 10 charges. Now the offender is awaiting a court decision. According to preliminary data, a man can be sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for attempted murder and a number of other charges.

Donald Michael Kargus (40-year-old shooter) declined to comment. He said that he did it in a state of effect and does not intend to say anything more. Most likely, a man will be sent to a psychological examination, which will determine his psychological state. After the medical examination, a trial will be held.