The driver who drove onto the beach in his van was detained by the police

The driver who drove onto the beach in his van was detained by the police

The incident occurred on Sunday on southwestern Ontario beach. According to eyewitnesses, the man in his van was driving along the beach in the middle of the day, when it was full of resting people.

Christine Ayala was having rest with her family at the beach at the moment when she suddenly heard somebody screaming. When she turned back, she saw that the van was driving along the beach and had already destroyed several armchairs that stood behind the woman.

Her aunt screamed and told everyone to run, and her uncle tried to prevent further movement of the van, but the driver did not pay attention and continued to drive over things belonging to people resting on the beach.

Several men made huge efforts and managed to stop the van. As it became knowт, a Hamilton man aged 43 was behind the wheel and he was accused of violating Traffic Laws, drunk driving, and several other violations.

Christine Ayala said she is very happy that neither she nor her family was hurt, but she is very concerned that her children were frightened very much and in the future she will be more careful to choose a place to relax with the family.

Another woman who was also on the beach at that moment took a video of all that happened and posted it on her social network. In the video made by a 26-year-old Brandon Kitchen, people can see that the van was driving over people’s things, and people had to run away not to get under the car wheels. Brandon tried to spread the video in all ways and to make as many people as possible watch it.

A lady whose things suffered in the incident said that she saw that the man was driving and did not stop despite all the attempts of people to stop the van. He was drunk. The woman just wanted to spend time with her family and to have fun, but now she can not get the situation out of her head. Her daughter was scared a lot. Her husband confessed that he could not sleep at night, as he keeps recalling the situation that had happened.

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