Anomalously hot weather in Manitoba leads to a number of problems

Anomalously hot weather in Manitoba leads to a number of problems

Hot weather led to numerous problems in Winnipeg. A lot of workers from Winnipeg's largest homeless shelter Siloam Mission complain that people who have nowhere to hide from the heat, come to them in the hope of getting help. However, their stocks of summer clothes, hygiene items, and detergents are almost at a zero level.

A communications manager for Siloam Mission, Luke Thiessen, expressed his concern about the situation and asked all people who are not indifferent to the shelter for help. He added that they have necessary water resources, but they will be glad to replenish supplies of towels, T-shirts, deodorants, soap and other necessary things that the shelter is extremely lacking due to the current weather crises.

According to official data, there were more than 10 days with the temperature above 30degrees. This is much more than in 2017 or 2016. The most problematic periods:

22-27 June

10-14 July

7-… August

This week is going to be the hottest during this summer.

Environment Canada warned residents of southern Manitoba on Monday morning to try to protect themselves from the heat that is going to be during the next four-five days. Daytime temperature is expected to be 30+ degrees, nighttime temperature is expected to be 15+ degrees. 

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