Alonsa tornado received severity classification of the second highest degree

Alonsa tornado received severity classification of the second highest degree

Environment Canada gave a more serious classification to Alonsa tornado that destroyed a lot of houses and vehicles in the rural area about 200 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg on Friday evening.

The tornado that was seen in Alonsa and the areas near it, received EF-3 classification firstly, but at the current moment, it got EF-4.

According to the data that Environment Canada gave, tornado classifications are the following:

EF-0- it destroys trees and antennas

EF-1- it overturns cars

EF-2- it blows tree roots of homes, destroys sheds and mobile homes

EF-3- it destroys metal constructions, walls, and roofs

EF-4- it moves heavy objects away for long distances and destroys really well-built houses

EF-5- it blows away houses and roofs of large buildings.

According to official data, an elderly couple got into hospital and one person was killed by Alonsa tornado. On Saturday, 3 representatives from Environment Canada went to the affected areas to determine the losses and the damage level.

They reported that the most damage was inflicted on the following objects: the house of the deceased man was not subject to restoration, the house of the couple that got to the hospital was partially destroyed, a lot of transport near houses was damaged or blown away, camping at Margaret Bruce Beach suffered great damage and they could not find livestock from several houses.   

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