Winnipeg Pet Rescue is looking for homes for Gilligan’s Island puppies

Winnipeg Pet Rescue is looking for homes for Gilligan’s Island puppies

A local boatman found Gilligan’s Island puppies and contacted the local rescue service last week. At the current moment, all puppies are in the Winnipeg Pet Rescue shelter.  

Employees of Winnipeg Pet Rescue believe that the puppies found on a small, uninhabited island near Cross Lake, Man. will quickly find new homes. They are really lovely and cute.

The founder and executive director of Winnipeg Pet Rescue, Carla Martinelli-Irvine, said that all the puppies were very thin when they took them to the shelter. However, they are absolutely healthy, they just need to get some medical help, to eat more and to socialize.

On Saturday, Pet Rescue service posted information about Gilligan’s Island puppies on their FB page in order to make people not only around Canada but from around the world know about them.

Carla Martinelli-Irvine really hopes that good people will respond and will take new friends to their families. Carla also added that they will not give puppies to everybody who wants to take them, they want to be sure that people understand all the responsibility and are ready to take care of the puppies at the appropriate level. 

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