Abnormal heat in Central and southern Manitoba: beware of sunstroke

Abnormal heat in Central and southern Manitoba: beware of sunstroke, Artem Shahoferov

Abnormally high-temperature levels will reach 30 C on Wednesday and 40+ C by the end of the week. Doctors do not recommend people to be indirectly under the sunlight for a long period of time. This is especially true for citizens who react strongly to the increase of air temperature.

The usual temperature regime will return in 5-7 days. These temperature indicators became a record. The last time, the inhabitants of Manitoba could feel such a heat in the 1930s.

ECCC meteorologist Natalie Hasell claims that a similar temperature increase is observed in most of western Canada. Unlike Manitoba, the temperature across the country will decrease only by the end of next week. Hasell recommends using specialized creams and lotions that covers the uncovered skin from ultraviolet rays.

About four people turned to the hospital for help. Against the background of high temperatures, cases of solar strikes have become more frequent. 

Doctors advise elderly people to limit their movement on the street to a minimum until the temperature regime normalizes. The same goes for people with weak immunity and heart disease.

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