Reggie Abercrombie set all-time league record for hits

Reggie Abercrombie set all-time league record for hits

This athlete is in good physical shape and is ready to win new awards for his team. Abercrombie claims that Winnipeg became his second home.

The 37-year-old athlete is on the top of the all-time American Association RBI. The athlete claims that he owes much to the fans of Winnipeg Goldeyes. Their support always plays a key role in motivation during the game. Also, Abercrombie noted the excellent coaching work and work of the whole club staff.

Goldeyes GM Andrew Collier noted the unprecedented discipline of the player and a clear adherence to coaching facilities. The team shows an outstanding result because everyone has a personal tactic developed by the coaching staff. Winnipeg Goldeyes has 25 more matches and good chances to become the best. At this stage, all team members are at the peak of their physical condition. Reggie Abercrombie also noted that the team is motivated to win every match and will give all its strength to achieve the desired goal.

Recent sociological surveys show that Winnipeggers prefer baseball and hockey most of all. Lately, baseball is gaining popularity. This is due to the rapid development of infrastructure and high professionalism of existing athletes.

"I'm immensely pleased with my career in Winnipeg, this city means a lot to me, so every Winnipeggers I dedicate every time I win", Abercrombie said.