An elderly married couple barely survived during the EF-4 tornado near Alonsa, Man.

An elderly married couple barely survived during the EF-4 tornado near Alonsa, Man., Artem Shahoferov

The married couple got off only with bruises, and a slight fright. Unfortunately, their house was completely destroyed.

The man claims that the tornado caught them off guard. On TV, they were warned of a possible tornado, but the couple did not expect to be part of the sad events. Unfortunately, the Eyolfsons house collapsed when the couple was inside. Because of the formed debris, they could not get to each other.

The telephone service was working, but the couple could not hear their speech because of the loud noise. After the tornado left, the locals helped them to get out from under the rubble of the building.

"I do not remember the exact details of the incident." Said Janet. "I'm just glad that it's over and we're safe."

At this point, the couple contacted the insurance company to get compensation for the damage and move closer to their relatives. EF-4 tornado near Alonsa, Man, caused mass destruction, broken communication lines and the death of 77-year-old Jack Furrie. The Manitoba authorities are making every effort to eliminate the consequences of the tornado. Repair teams work in places where there are damage and the need to restore infrastructure.

At the moment, telephone communication and a part of the emergency warning line has been restored. The authorities say that the gas supply line has not been damaged and is safe.

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