Roy Avenue shooters arrested for attempted murder

Roy Avenue shooters arrested for attempted murder

The officers arrived at the place at 7:20 p.m. Operative actions of the servants of the law, allowed to deliver the 18-year-old man to the hospital on time.

At the moment, the victim's condition has been stabilized. Thanks to the testimony of witnesses, the police succeeded in attacking the suspects. Shooters SUV was found in the 500 block of Elgin Avenue. A shorter shotgun was found near the car.

After a detailed analysis, the police made an approximate picture of what was happening. The 18-year-old teenager rode a bicycle with his relatives. At the crossroads, they drove up to the car of criminals who attacked them with firearms. The wheelman fell and received a gunshot wound. The cyclist and the attackers were not familiar before. The doctors say that nothing threatens the life of the injured wheelman.

Now, Bronson Kequahtooway (24), Joey Morrissette (23) and Savannah Linklater (18) are in custody. Soon, the court will choose a punishment for them. They are accused of stealing, robbery, extortion and liquor litigation worth about $ 5,000. The prosecution requires the maximum penalty for criminals.