Goldeyes increase children's literacy

Goldeyes increase children's literacy

During a small conference, they answered many questions. In addition, Josh Mazzola (Goldeyes third baseman) read for children.

The sportsman shared with the children the story of how his parents instilled in him a love of reading. Mazzola also noted that it was the books that increased his erudition and professional skills. Josh talked about his first books and vivid impressions after reading them. Thus, Winnipeg Goldeyes set an example for children.

Winnipeg Public Library and TD Summer Reading Club have made a lot of efforts to organize this meeting. Many children were delighted with this event. Their sports idols not only talked about the daily life of the team but also shared personal information. This event was aimed at stimulating the reading and popularization of books. This campaign is held for the first time but has already shown its extraordinary effectiveness.

Many listeners began to read books that athletes advised them. This result of the event is the best example of a positive impact on children. Childhood idols, especially athletes, can lay the right foundation for the development of young people.