Holidays with grandchildren

Holidays with grandchildren

A summer trip with grandchildren filled my heart with joy again. Last summer we could not get together because of studying at school, university and summer work of some of us. This year the children offered a route for the trip themselves.

West Knock - Cuddy - Rainbow waterfall - old dam - Pinava and the Seven Sisters dam. For the first time, we go with all six grandchildren. This unforgettable trip to the country of clean lakes, rocks, and waterfalls finally took place. Auto tourism with elements of pedestrian, diving and floating tourism with notes of adventurism and adventure will be my best memory.

Girls walked barefoot on the rocks a field of diving. The younger grandson ran joyfully near the boiling water. During the walk, we saw a flock of wild bees. Many moments made me nervous, but nevertheless, the trip was a success. Everyone came home safe and sound.

Travel is a great way to get out of everyday life and make some variety there. Communication with grandchildren and beautiful nature can deliver a lot of positive emotions. This time we managed to rent a sauna. The guys were not interested, but the girls enjoyed this kind of rest with pleasure.

The emotions of the children during the trip were simply priceless. Watching the children and their joy, I become a child too for a short time.

Cordiallyyours Vinnie