Cell service problems led to the death of a person because of a tornado

Cell service problems led to the death of a person because of a tornado

A school teacher Jack Furrie who was 77 passed away on Friday, after Alonsa tornado completely destroyed his house. He was found dead in the yard near his house.

Kelly Brown, the grandson of the deceased man, says that he blames bad cell service for everything, as his grandfather did not receive a warning about the approaching tornado on time.

Kelly does not cease to talk that his grandfather was a very cheerful and kind person and his best friend. He just does not know what to do without him.

Despite the fact that the young man lives in Winnipeg, he said that he grew up in his grandfather's house in Alonsa where Jack Furrie had lived since 1974.

Brown said that his grandfather had a Bell MTS landline and cellphone, but the connection was rather bad and that became the reason for missing a warning message about the tornado.

 Bell MTS statement says that the company's engineers are working to identify places without connection and to eliminate similar problems in the future. 

Kelly Brown also informed that he saw the news about Alonsa tornado on TV and immediately tried to call his grandfather or his neighbors. Unfortunately, without any results.

At about 10 pm he received a phone call with the information about the death of his grandfather. For his grandfather, all hopes were for a warning on the mobile phone, but he had not got it.

The president of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities told that they will try to solve cell service problems.

Kelly Brown is very upset because smugness and negligence of the cell company led to the fact that his family has a big grief.