Folklorama festival started on the weekend, do not miss it

Folklorama festival started on the weekend, do not miss it

Every year in August in Winnipeg there is a folklore festival - Folklorama, the largest and longest in the world among such festivals. Representatives of many countries and nationalities living in Winnipeg, present in their pavilions their songs, dances, handicrafts, souvenirs, as well as national dishes.

Next summer Folklorama will celebrate its half a century anniversary. This summer 44 pavilions of the festivalare offered for visiting to all people who want to attend it for the 49th time.

This year the festival has an innovation - all tickets can be bought online. This will help avoid multi-meter lines before the entrance to several popular pavilions.All people should be attentive and buy tickets beforehand. Otherwise, they could not visit the festival as tickets selling will be finished 60 minutes before the start.

Today, a press conference was held at the Italian cultural palace of Cabot, many officials were there: the Minister of Sport and Culture, the Mayor of Winnipeg and the heads of the festival.

This year Folklorama opening ceremony took place on the stage of the Lyric Theater in AssiniboinePark on July 29th. The festival will be held for 2 weeks: from 5 to 18 August. The pavilions are divided into two parts: half of the pavilions will work the first seven days, the remaining part will open their doors the last seven days.

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Folklorama festival anniversary