An 18-year-old cyclist was shot last weekend

An 18-year-old cyclist was shot last weekend

As it became known, a terrible incident in the result of which one person received serious gunshot wounds took place on August 4. It happened near the crossroads of Roy Avenue and Cecil Street.

A young man was shot. Paramedics arrived at the scene as soon as possible and took the guy to the hospital.

On Saturday evening, 4 suspicious individuals were driving a SUV when they came across a guy that was cycling with his family. A 24-year-old man from the SUV took out a gun.

People tried to escape, but one of them fell down. The fallen man was an 18-year-old guy. He received several gunshot wounds.

After a while, the Police officers caught up with the criminals. Their SUV was trying to run away from the Police cars, but it crushed not managing to go far away.

At the current moment, all four people are in custody and are awaiting sentencing.